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sometimes win court cases with large monetary wards from courtroom juries. Below is the top 3 top lawsuits won for Michigan Attorney cases in 2003.

Top 3 Verdicts in Michigan Courts 2003

  1. $30 million
    Wrench LLC, et al. v. Taco Bell Corp.
    U.S. District Court, Western District of Michigan #1:98-CV-45
    Breach Of Contract - The plaintiffs created a Chihuahua caricature named "Psycho Chihuahua." They sued defendant Taco Bell Corporation, claiming that the defendant, which uses a Chihuahua in its advertising, "misappropriated their creative images, ideas, concepts, and designs for its own use without compensating the plaintiffs for the use of their property."

  2. $27.5 million
    Venture Industries, Inc. v. Autoliv ASP, Inc. et al.
    U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan #99-75354
    Breach Of Contract - Technology Pirated, Millions In Profits Lost - Venture Industries, a Fraser-based plastic injection molder, claimed that Autoliv ASP, Inc., an Auburn Hills-based safety restraint supplier, had pirated certain technology from Venture and incorporated it into airbag modules sold to the automotive industry and installed in vehicles around the world.

  3. $10.7 million
    Abdul-Baki v. Sorenson
    Ingham County Circuit Court - #00-91314-NH
    Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death - The plaintiff saw the defendant doctor for chronic neck pain. The defendant performed a cervical epidural injection and bilateral facet blocks. As a result of the procedures, the plaintiff had difficulty breathing and the defendant was unsuccessful in maintaining the plaintiff's airway. Accordingly, the plaintiff suffered respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. The plaintiff survived with a severe brain injury for more than three years, but ultimately died from complications associated with his brain injury.