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Detroit Techno History

1981 - Juan Atkins' Cybotron releases its first single, "Alleys of Your Mind."

1982 - ANumberofNames releases single called "ShareVari".

1983 - Atkins releases "Techno City" and gives the music a name.

1985 - DJ's Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson link with Atkins to form a network of Detroit record            labels.

1987 - Derrick May records "Strings of Life" regarded by many to be Detroit Techno's seminal            track.

1988 - Virgin Records releases the compilation "Techno! The New  Dance Sound of Detroit"             and introduces the music to Europe where it's wholeheartedly embraced.

1989 - Saunderson becomes a British pop star on the back of singles like "Big Fun" and "Good           Life".

1991-  Carl Craig helps establish Detroit Techno's second wave.

1992 - Jeff Mill's, Mike Bank's and Underground Resistance launch an edgy, militant brand of their            hometown's sound.

1993 - Windsor's Richie Hawtin, recording as Plastikman, releases his first album and heads to            superstar success.

1996 - Artists such as Stacey Pullen and Sean Deason exploit new technology to craft the third           wave of Detroit Techno.

2001 - The first Detroit Electronic Music Festival hits Hart Plaza, drawing an estimated million            people to the riverfront.

2003 - "Techno: Detroit's Gift to the World" premieres at the Detroit Historical Museum.