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Hanson Buck The Official World Record Whitetail Deer

Deer Base Information Shot Nov. 23, 1993 near Biggar Saskatchewan. Official Boone and Crockett score is 213 1/8. This replaces the Jordan Buck, shot 80 years ago. The Hanson Buck was shot on land belonging to Milo Hanson. Shot with .308 Winchester 150 grain factory ammo - three shots hit the buck. The rifle was a Winchester model 88 with a Weaver K4 scope. The distance was about 100 yards for the inital shot, running straight away. A large fragment of the first bullet is embedded in the left main beam, causing a crack and significant removal of antler material. The main beam is structurally sound. The Hanson Buck antlers are incredibly wide and uniform with great tine length. The buck was an estimated 3 1/2 years old. The estimated body weight was 200 pounds. The body was not large compared to many mature Saskatchewan bucks.

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