Comfort Inn detroit hotel

1999 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, MI
(313) 567-8888

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comfort inn detroit hotel

Review: Nov. 11, 2005 Disgusting. Enough said? Disgusting doesn't even begin to describe it. I couldn't find a room anywhere else and was forced to stay there. Upon check in, I asked if they had a fitness center, and was directed to it. I went through the dirty hallways and up the dirty elevator where I found my dirty room. I peeled off the bed spread, (they aren't cleaned regularly no matter where you go) and found my rumpled sheets, obviously slept in, with make up stains, hairs (long and short), and who knows what else on them. Debris all over the (severly stained) carpet, hair in the tub and sink, and the over all condition of the room led me to believe the bedspread was pulled up, the garbage was emptied, the towels were (oh-I sure hope so!) replaced, and housekeeping called it good. The room was in poor shape and very run down. I would expect this at $29.95 a night, not $100. I read these other reviews before staying and thought, "Oh, maybe those people are just complainers, and seriously, how bad could it be?". They speak the truth! Do not stay at this one. It was horrid! The highlight of my stay: Checking out!

Review: Oct 10, 2005 My boyfriend and i visited this hotel $140!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most disgusting thing we have ever encountered in our lives....we have stayed in $30 hotels that looked like the shangri la compared to this!!!!!!!!! it was his birthday...we thought it was nice from the price and phone calls we was HORRID...semen and blood stained (hopefully that is what it was) sheets...unvaccuumed floor, no screen on window... no breakfast...RUDE UNPROFESSIONAL employees...oh yah AND OUR CAR WAS STOLEN UNDERNEATH BRIGHT LIGHTS, SECURITY CAMERAS, AND WITH CONSTANTINE WIRE AROUND THE FENCE.....SOMEHOW THE THEIF STILL FELT COMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO STEAL OUR CAR FROM THE HOTEL. the employees/manager offered nothing to help, absolutely was completely appalling and unsafe....PLEASE stay anywhere else...dont risk it, the way we did!

Review: July 27, 2005 Where do I begin! My boyfriend and I booked this room to complete a romantic outing @ Windsor Casino in Canada. We booked the "Jaquzzi Suite" - what a joke! Hotel room was very dark, dirty carpet and furniture. Hairs and particles between the sheets. They had NO fitted shees on the matress, just a normal sheet tucked under the matress which came up at every toss and turn. The bathroom was dirty looking and feeling with chipped equiptment. Small bathroom. We arrived at 11:30pm excited to heat up in the hot tub. The "Jaquzzi they're refering too had chipped paint and dark spots at the bottom. It had a BATHROOM SINK NOZZLE on it!! So it took about 3 hours to fill the Jaquzzi with water!! So finally at 2:30am when it was finally filled my boyfriend was too tired to get in it. Thank goodness because when I touched the water for temperature it was warm, not even close to being Hot. We had the Hot nozzle turned all the way up, and still got warm water. They didn't have a heater or anything for the hot tub. I called front desk to complain and they just offered me a free return nights stay in the same style room!! I took the coupon but NEVER will go back to that hotel. I couldn't even give the coupon away because I don't know anyone who would appreciate that DUMP. I paid $100 for that trashy room and didn't even get to utilize the hot tub!! As we were angerly leaving the hotel the next day at 2:00pm with no one calling us the remind us to check out, we saw 3 prostitute's leaving the hotel talking about the money they made last night. I wanted to throw up right then!! Do yourself a favor and NEVER EVEN THINK of staying at this hotel