Detroit Marriott Renaissance

400 Renaissance Ctr.
Detroit, MI
(313) 568-8000

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Hotel Reviews

General Info: Located in the GM Renaissance Center, with access to shops, restaurants and a variety of services. 1,298 guest rooms and 52 suites which are luxuriously appointed for both business and leisure travel.

Reviews: Oct 4, 2005
Rooms are fine, if a bit worn.
Beds are great -- nice, clean sheets and comforter.
Room service good.
Ice machines on every floor are UNBELIEVABLY NOISY. The front desk declined to turn them off. I piled all of the bedding from the other bed against the door to try to muffle the noise, but it still sounded like there was a '67 Camaro revving its engine in the hall.
I even changed rooms the second night, but even a room a few doors further away from that floor's ice machine was noisy. The bedding muffler worked this time, but then I discovered that there was a persistent grating sound coming from somewhere behind the wall or ceiling. Ventilation? I asked the front desk about it, but they put me on hold and never got back on.

I've never considered myself a light sleeper or sensitive to noises, but after 2 nights at the Renaissance I feel like Felix Unger.

Reviews: Sept. 5, 2005
The Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center is absolutely superb! The staff and accommodations are first rate. Ask for one of the upper floors having a view up the river and part of town. Absolutely beautiful. I hope they continue this high level of service forever. This is the ONLY place I would stay in Detroit.

Reviews: June 27, 2005
Me and my wife took my parents to the the fireworks display and we got a floor on the 52nd floor. While they said it was a non-river view room, it actually had a great view of the river. The room was nicely appointed. It was fair size with 2 double beds. It was very quiet with no outside noise detected. It was so nice being able to walk down 2 minutes before the fireworks and watch an awesome display right outside the hotel. Afterwards, we went back up and watched TV until the traffic cleared and then me and my wife drove home while my parent's spent the night. My only complaint was the restaurant where we visited the next morning. Service was so slow and I finally complained and the manager took care of the bill. All in all, a great time. 4 of 5 stars.