Ramada Inn Downtown ramada inn downtown detroit

400 Bagley St.
Detroit, MI

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Ramada inn Downtown Detroit

Review: Nov. 5, 2005 My night stay at the Ramada Inn downtown Detroit was the worst and most terrifying experience of my life. My colleage and I checked in at 10:00 p.m. There were homeless peaple and "renters" wandering around the hotel. We were in the middle of the projects. At first glance it seemed very dangerous but we didn't know where else to go. The hotel was built in the 1920's and has not been updated. The rooms were disgustingly filthy,there was no heat, the lock was broken off our door, and there were no towels to shower with. There were others staying there with us and they found blood all over their room floor and phone. They changed rooms and found beer bottles all over the room. The renters that live there appear to have access to the whole building. Riding the elevator or walking in the halls was dangerous. We decided to lock ourselves in our room and wait for daylight to get out. At about 12:00 at night, we heard a woman in the room next to us screaming and yelling for her life. We assume she was being raped but we will never know. We were to frightened to call the police. We barcaded the door and got whatever items in the room we could find to use for weapons in case he was coming to our room next. Shortly after everything went silent until we heard a knock at our door. It was a man bringing towels to our room. At this point it was 12:37 at night. What kind of hotels deliver towels at 12:37 at night? Of course we did not answer the door and waited for morning. Needless to say we checked out and will never go back or forget this terrifying experience.

Review: Nov 5, 2005  To all, the date of our stay may seem outdated, my parents are from detroit and we go back to visit family, downtown is close so we choose the Ramanda, we go there late and went into the room, bugs everywhere. This is truly the worse Ramanda in the country, the hotel did refund my Dad his money. We have noticed that Detroit has built several new hotels downtown, but we choose to stay out of the metro limits and drive back in. Take my advice, stay away from this Ramanda, It is true (nov 3, 2005) this hotel rents out boarding rooms and tries to feel the other rooms with guests,

Review: Nov. 2, 2005 This was absolutely the worst Hotel I have ever been in! I checked in and checked out quickly. This Hotel is rundown, dirty, seedy, and home to vagrants whom roam the halls freely (with Liquor in hand.) I will never stay in a Ramada Hotel again, and will tell my friends not to as well. The photos on the website of this paticular hotel must be 100 years old, because the hotel looked nothing like the photographs! The building needed a good cleaning, painting, and debugging. Upon entrance to my room I was shocked! Dirty carpet, filthy and broken refridgerator, both windows would not close properly, one cracked window, broken and hanging fire alarm, filthy tub, cracking plaster, and the room smelled like something dead! This hotel was rated three stars? Maybe they forgot the negative sign in front of the three because I give the hotel a negative 3 stars. I would not send my worst enemy, nor a rat to stay at that Hotel! Of the three elevators only one worked (barely) it was delapitated! When checking out the clerk asked me why I was leaving and i was very honest. He was kind and agreed with everything I said. He said he hears this all the time. How embarrasing for the Ramada company. Luckily I found a Holiday Inn about 3 blocks away. I told them where I came from and they laughed. They said they hear the same story everyday. They hear about the rundown, dirty, tenament slum, called The Ramada Hotel on Bagley. I will never stay in a Ramada Hotel again. I hope this disgrace of a hotel will be checked upon by the management of the Ramada!

Review: Oct. 31, 2005 On the last leg of our HONEYMOON we thought we'd taken a wrong turn and checked into PRISON!!! That is how inviting the he/she (not sure of gender) guard at the front desk was to us. The room was freezing cold and the bedspread was covered in burn holes. The whole room stank of bleach which was not pleasant. To top it all we spent $80.00 in cab fare to get to this pile of crap for a 1 night stop over. There is no bus or train. This should be the first clue - do not go downtown Detroit. WE SHOULD HAVE SLEPT ON THE AIRPORT FLOOR. Even the bogs at the airport were more pleasant!!!!

We were told that we would be in an exciting shopping district by our lying tour operator. The first person we saw looked like an inbred on crack cocaine. The second lot were a husband and wife team who were looking for a tasty treat out of the rubbish bin. We decided to go the opposite way. The whole place looked like a derelict ghost town and we were too afraid to look anybody in the face. We didn;t feel safe and we checked out of the hotel and spent the day at the airport.

We are both experienced travellers who like to see culture and local life. We do not just want a cushy 5* hotel which we want to stay in all day. Having been to over 22 countries, hostels, backpacking and lowbudget and luxury holidays I can honestly say that my 1 day stay in Detroit was the worst!