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Dachshund Extraordinaire - Webster's dictionary defines being extraordinary as going beyond what is usual, customary or normal.  That definition aptly describes our little Dachshund.  Frederick is the Dachshund Extraordinaire because of his courage & determination to rebound from three debilitating illnesses.  Born on March 27th, 1993 in Port Huron, Frederick moved in with his new owners Diane & Bill Smith of Shelby Township, Michigan.  He quickly won over the hearts of his new owners and accompanied them everywhere and his dog health was excellent.  Suddenly, after the Christmas holidays in 1997, Frederick became sick.


Frederick's Texas
Road Show


Frederick developed skin lesions on his sides.  The findings from the vet were not encouraging. Frederick had Lupus. We were upset but optimistic about his dog health.  Our vet prescribed an aggressive treatment schedule consisting mainly of Prednisone and Lukeran.   The Lupus was put in remission and Frederick's health improved.

Frederick stayed healthy until November, 1999 when he suddenly herniated a disc.  We rushed him into the hospital and emergency surgery was performed to decompress the spinal cord. The doctor was not optimistic about Frederick's chances of walking again.  In his words, "It is highly unlikely Frederick will walk again."  Frederick was totally paralyzed for about 2 weeks when we started giving him a vitamin supplement called Free & Easy.  Gradually, he improved and actually stood up after a few weeks.   He slowly improved to the point where he now can actually run and take walks around the neighborhood. In our opinion, Frederick is the "Dachshund Extraordinaire".

In February, 2001 after many tests, Frederick was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. The disease was caught in the early stages so the prognosis is excellent.  Frederick is back on prednisone and now is required to receive monthly injections of the drug Percotin.  Frederick's dog health problems are now under control and his canine health outlook is promising.

Frederick turned 14 on March 27th, 2007!  In 2005, he experienced a Lupus flare-up after battling a severe kidney and urinary tract infection.  The Lupus attacked his skin and left some deep wounds but they have healed.  He has recovered and just received a clean bill of health from the vets.

 In 2006, he nearly died after trying to eat a big piece of tri tip beef.  We were camping and had a family gathering and someone dropped a piece on the ground.  Luckily I was there and saw Frederick try to eat the beef and 1 minute later keel over from lack of oxygen.  I quickly grabbed him and performed the Heimlich maneuver successfully.  In 2007, he has had 2 fatty cysts removed and 1 tooth pulled.  He is still very active and takes semi-weekly walks with his owners when the weather cooperates.  He has given us the gift of happiness and the veterinarians, with help from Free and Easy, have given Frederick the gift of life!

Frederick Maxwell Jolivet's spirit, determination, and love are inspiration to us and many others.  For that reason, he is the "Dachshund Extraordinaire".


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